We are publishers involved in the publication of books on Jyotisha,ie.Vedic Astrology.

At present we have published the first volume on Jyotisha.

Purchase Here with Paypal now.This book is authored by Dr. Manish M. Pandit who is a famous astrologer and is an acknowledged expert in the art of Jyotisha using The Krishnamurti Method, Kalachakra Dasa,Yogini and Chara dasas ,etc.


From the man who predicted the exact time of the Shankaracharya’s release on bail, Sonia Gandhi’s stepping back from the PM post and the Kargil war among other successful predictions.The book is a preparatory for his next book which will give the secret of combining three different techniques of prediction which nobody has even attempted.

The book has several firsts to its credit.

It involves the teaching of KP Astrology in a very lucid manner using examples of famous people in the past and more contemporary people  to illustrate the genius of the Krishnamurti Method (KP) of prediction.

Another first is the use of divisional charts of Vedic Astrology to correlate predictions made using the Krishnamurti Method with more traditional Vedic Astrology.

The book incorporates chapters on the Basics of KP as well as Jyotisha.It contains chapters on each Ascendant and a special chapter on Rahu and Ketu. In addition various charts are examined in correlation with Divisional Charts of Traditional Vedic astrology.

The Art of Prediction is taught  so students can predict with ease.

A special bit on remedies completes the book.


Disclaimer:The author and the publisher(the company) can not be held legally or morally  responsible for any actions carried out on the basis of the book or any of the material therein. The author speaks from the authority of the precepts of the Vedas and the Upanishads and as a Jyotishi here and in the book mentioned above and not in his capacity as a Medical Professional.

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