Jyotisha Vol 1 The Krishnamurti Method(KP)


Jyotisha Volume 1:The Krishnamurti Method(KP)



Extended Description

The book incorporates an easy look up facility for each lagna(ascendant).The book uses the charts of famous people as well as those in everyday life including some physicians to deliver its message on the Krishnamurti Method in Jyotisha.The incorporation of divisional charts is the perhaps the first successfull attempt by anybody in the world,from the East or the West to unify two differing styles of Astrology.
This attempt by the author makes it especially easy for Western astrologers and sceptics to explore Sidereal Astrology and see whether it works and if so ,its methods.
The style is almost lucid as the subject is not easy but the explanations can be easily extrapolated to other charts and decision making in the fine Art of Prediction is enhanced.
The book is also a preparatory method for the authors second volume where he will show the science behind destiny .It will be the first time anybody has used Kalachakra dasa and Krishnamurti Paddhati(Method) together with a third secret style which will be revealed in the book.

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